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Who is Coco May?

Coco-May is a prolific singer-songwriter on a mission to touch the souls of those around her in a profound and lasting way.

She sings about pain, our current society and all areas of love in a way that makes you want to simultaneously cry and dance.

Her music is a poignant mix of poem like lyrics, seventies inspired melodies and of course, a little bit of that extra special something she calls ‘sunshine’.

Her debut album ‘I love me, I love me not’ is due out early 2020 with hard hitting singles such as ‘Between Us’ and ‘Your Heart’ proving that she is a voice to be reckoned with.

Listen to the first single ‘Between Us’ on Feb 14th here.

Coco-May Debut EP 'I love me, I love me not'

Coco-May’s debut EP ‘I love me, I love me not’ is due for self release early 2020 with the first single ‘Between Us’ being released Feb 14th 2020. 

With emotionally evoking tracks such as ‘Between Us’, ‘Your Heart’ and ‘Shiver’, this collection of heart wrenching songs will take you on a journey of self-love, heartbreak and self-discovery. 

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